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This handy reference chart will help you compare the breeding practices of a backyard breeder, puppy mill or puppy farm, commercial dog breeder, hobby show dog breeder and a dedicated show breeder. This information will assist potential new puppy owners to make informed purchasing decisions when acquiring a new puppy.

Dog Hair

pomeranianThe coat on a Pomeranian dog is fur. Humans have some fur on our legs arms, on men’s chests and hair on most people’s heads. The only real difference between hair and fur is that fur will only grow to a specific length while hair will keep on growing. Fur has rest periods known as telogen phases where the hair follicles are dormant. The growth period is known as the anagen phase. In Pomeranians and other Nordic breeds, this phase seems to be quite short. The dog’s genes determine the growth length and then the follicles will rest. If the dog is stressed, the time of both phases can be affected.

Why do Pomeranian Puppies Cost so Much?

pomeranian puppyWhen considering the cost of a good quality purebred dog, there are numerous factors involved. You want a dog that’s both mentally and physically sound if you truly care about the breed of your dog as well as his health. To evaluate a dog, there are a number of steps, some of which occur before he’s even born.

Why have a show dog?

If a breeder wants a show dog, he needs to find the best dog for the job and that means assessing every aspect of the dog. He needs to have enough knowledge of the proper movement and structure of a dog for this purpose. He must also have a full understanding of the standard requirements for that breed.

I only want a Pet

If you have a pet with “show lines,” he’s a better quality because he was bred with the aim of being a show dog to begin with. People have lower breeding standards when creating dogs just for pets. They buy two dogs to mate with no regard for the outcome. This can cause problems with conformity and health issues that may not even be revealed until the puppy has grown and has become a much loved family member.

Pomeranians and Black Skin Disease (BSD a.k.a. Alopecia X)

Most Spitz breeds including Pomeranians are susceptible to Black Skin Disease (BSD), a disease where your dog loses his coat. People who have come across this disease cringe at the mention of it but it’s vital that you know all about it if you own a Pom.

If your Pom has this, he’ll slowly lose all his fur and there are different stages:

1. He’ll start having odd patches that look different to the rest of his fur or his coat may appear very dry, dull and dead looking. Usually the first signs of coat loss problems begin with thinning tail coat and areas on the back legs.

2. The patches will get thinner and increase with time.

3. Over time his fur will keep falling out until there are parts with no fur at all and you can only see his skin.

4. Known as BLACK Skin Disease because the dog’s skin exposed to air will discolour and appear black.

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